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LADR — Download — Windows

Please download the latest version of LADR using the link below.

If you do not have a licence key and wish to make use of the free trial, please sign up here either before or after you download the program.

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Running LADR

LADR runs as a .NET application on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. On the vast majority of Windows desktops LADR will just execute. If it does not run, please contact us for support.

LADR is distributed as a ZIP file containing a standalone application. It does not need to be installed. To run the program, download the file using the link below, extract the ZIP file (7-Zip recommended) and double-click on LADR.exe [LADR Icon].

The program is distributed with a default profile, two example projects (trace elements and UPb in zircon) as well as a comprehensive manual. The manual contains a "Getting Started" chapter.

To enter your licence keys, follow the instructions here.


DownloadLatest Version

2021-11-23 – LADR_1.1.07_20211123.zip [86.43 MB]


Mirrors: Sydney | Hong Kong | London

Older Versions

2021-05-13 – LADR_1.1.06_20210513.zip [74.79 MB]

2020-04-30 – LADR_1.1.05_20200430.zip [77.2 MB]

2020-02-25 – LADR_1.1.03_20200225.zip [73.91 MB]