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GeoStar software delivers the premiere sample navigation solution for microanalysis. Built upon image-based sample navigation, this software streamlines all sample navigation challenges when viewing samples with a small field of view. With applications to microscopy, machine vision, and control of analytical instruments, GeoStar is available for a wide range of applications, including: petrographic microscopes, laser ablation instrumentation, electron microprobes, and ion microprobes such as the SHRIMP.

Laser Ablation Edition

GeoStar Laser Ablation Edition is currently supplied with all RESOlution instruments for laser ablation ICP-MS. Originally manufactured by Resonetics, then Australian Scientific Instruments, they are now made by Applied Spectra in the USA.

GeoStar Laser Ablation Edition is licenced to Applied Spectra for them to supply with new instruments. We can still support you with your system, software, or application, challenges, but you will need to sign up for our Premium Support Plan first.

If you are looking to register your copy of GeoStar with your RESOlution instrument please use the online form here.

Microscope Edition

GeoStar is compatible with a wide range of camera solutions, and APIs for different XY stage controllers are being continuously added. The software makes no assumptions about the microscope alignment, or the field of view from each objective lens. The sample mosaic feature allows for the creation of perfectly coordinated large scale sample images (0.25 gigapixel continuous) that can be exported with the complete stage information to ensure compatibility with your workflow.

Any Microscope + Any Camera + Any XY Stage + GeoStar = Cost-Effective Advanced Imaging Solution!

EPMA Edition

Norris Scientific has been experimenting with GeoStar for EPMA. Compatible with SX100 instruments from Cameca GeoStar EPMA Edition significantly improves ease of sample navigation, and can also be supplied with a digital camera upgrade for higher resolution imagery.

SHRIMP Edition

Developed in conjunction with Australian Scientific Instruments and Geoscience Australia, GeoStar SHRIMP Edition brings advanced sample navigation and imaging features to this impressive microanalytical platform. Operating side-by-side with the standard SHRIMP control software, GeoStar SHRIMP Edition provides a powerful interface for sample navigation and definition of the sample run table. The run table is then exported to the standard SHRIMP control software for analysis.

Contact us if you would like to try GeoStar on your SHRIMP.

Your Application Edition

Where ever you require advanced sample navigation using instrumentation limited by a small field of view, GeoStar is the solution. The modular design allows for flexible integration with all types of instrumentation and existing workflows. Contact us to discuss your requirements.