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LADR — Help — Licensing

You need a valid licence key to use LADR. When the software starts without any licence information, a warning message is shown to inform you that it will not be possible to compute any results. To licence the software, you need to either sign up for an evaluation licence or purchase LADR. Once you have received your licence key you should:

Run the software and use the main menu to choose HelpRegistration:

The window is shown as empty when there are no licence details:

Enter the user and licence keys that have been sent to you by email, or are shown on your norsci.com user page.

With an active internet connection available, click "Update Licence".

Once the software is successfully registered, it will show your licence details. Please note that the software will always obscure your licence key to prevent unwanted exfiltration of the licence from the software.

Be sure to click "Save" to ensure your licence details are saved.

LADR will save your licence information for re-use each time the software starts.