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LabMan is an online laboratory management platform designed to assist with instrument bookings, usage charges, user communications, and downtime management.

While some labs get by using a hard copy diary or wall planner, online options are quite limited. Google Calendar is flexible and easy to set up but provides no control over bookings, and no reporting features. Facebook is an incredibly complex and over-the-top solution to this problem, which (privacy issues aside) is rich in communication features, but does not provide reporting features, and so seems like a square peg in a round hole. A shared Google docs spreadsheet has to be set up and constantly maintained, and is vulnerable to data entry errors, either accidental or malicious.

LabMan is the perfect solution to laboratory management. It allows for administration of unlimited instruments and delegation of management tasks to the admin team, whether that be one person or a dozen. Instrument booking requirements are completely customisable, so single-day block-booked equipment can be supported by the same platform as an instrument requiring flexible time periods rounded off to the nearest half hour.

Additional features include international support, on peak and off peak bookings, user access rules, expense reporting, uptime reporting, as well as integration into an existing authentication infrastructure (LDAP or OpenAuth at time of writing).

Contact us today for more information and to request a demonstration account.