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LADR — About

LADR is the premium choice for data reduction of laser ablation ICP–MS data sets.

LADR is a stand-alone program, developed in .NET for Windows 7, 8, and 10, that is also compatible with Linux and macOS under Mono (full support to be announced by mid-2020). The software is able to load data files from all makes and models of ICP–MS instruments, and is compatible with all laser ablation platforms.

As well as performing basic data reduction calculations, LADR can:

  • identify and remove transient spikes;
  • correct for interferences;
  • model variations in gas blank intensity;
  • synchronise analysis intervals with laser firing time;
  • model and correct for down hole fractionation;
  • model calibration drift;
  • use secondary standards to correct for matrix effects;
  • add unmeasured elements by stoichiometry;
  • quantify to an analytical total;
  • support mixed quantification routines within a data set;
  • and most importantly, apply a robust error propagation from all sources of uncertainty. The software estimates the total uncertainty budget for the calculation, and reports uncertainty values for various applications, such as intra-run, intra-laboratory, or inter-laboratory comparison.