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LADR — Terms and Conditions

Using LADR

As a user of LADR we ask that you do not use LADR for criminal, fraudulent, or dishonest purposes.

In the event that LADR does not function as expected you should contact Norris Scientific PTY LTD for support and make every effort to allow Norris Scientific to remedy the fault in a timely fashion.

In the event that a user is unable to make the software function in the way that they expect, or there is a fault with the software that Norris Scientific can't, or won't, remedy, or the results produced by LADR are not correct or are inappropriate for the user's application, then the only recourse available to the user is to stop using the software immediately. If taking this step within 90 days of purchase, then a full refund will be issued. If taking this step during a multi-year subscription, then a full refund for all remaining years, but not including the current year, will be issued.

Norris Scientific is not to be held liable for any undesired behaviour of the software.

To continue to operate LADR must make monthly licence checks. To do so it must be connected to the internet and able to make HTTPS requestions over TCP port 443. In the event that a user wishes to operate LADR without licence checks then they should contact Norris Scientific to negotiate an arrangement.

Purchasing LADR

To purchase LADR please either generate an invoice or use the purchase page to make instant payment by credit card. Payment is complete when: for credit card payments, the payment is authorised by the merchant services provider (National Bank of Australia), which is typically instant; for bank transfers, the payment has been cleared and deposited into the Norris Scientific business account, which typically takes 1–2 business days for domestic payments and 2–5 business days for international payments; for cheque payments, the cheque has been deposited and has been fully cleared, which can take up to four weeks for international cheques.

Once payment is complete the LADR licence key will be generated and sent to the user by email. Once the user receives the licence key then the user may use the software.

If any situation arises where payment is not completed, either due to fraudulent, negligent, or careless behaviour by the customer, or their agent, then Norris Software PTY LTD reserves the right to not issue any working licence to the customer. In the event that such behaviour results in reversal of the payment, either at the request of the customer, any bank, or any payment processor, then Norris Software PTY LTD will not take any steps to prevent the payment from being reversed. In the event of payment cancellation or reversal, then any licences issued automatically will be cancelled and cease to function.

Bulk purchases of LADR, either multi-licence or multi-year, are possible using this website, or by direct negotiation with Norris Scientific PTY LTD.


While LADR is sold by subscription, we do not store any card details, nor do we use direct debit services. At the end of each subscription period you will be billed for the subscription fee for the next period and payment can be made using any of the available options.

To continue to use LADR the subscription fee must be paid before the end of the subscription period each year. The subscription period begins on the calendar date when the first payment was made and the LADR licence key was generated. The subscription period ends on the same calendar date in the following year.

While it is hoped that all customers will continue to use the product in subsequent years, no customer is under any obligation to do so.

Norris Scientific PTY LTD will issue invoices via email to all customers at least six weeks prior to the end of their subscription period. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure their account contact details are kept up to date.

Failure to make payment before the end of the subscription period will result in LADR ceasing to operate until payment is made. Beyond that time, if payment is made within four weeks of the end of the subscription period then the same subscription period will continue. Payments made after four weeks will invoke a new subscription period with a new start and end date.


While we are sad to see you go, you can cancel your purchase within 90 days for a full refund. To claim a refund, simply contact Norris Scientific PTY LTD and provide your invoice number and a brief explanation for the cancellation. Upon cancellation your payment will be refunded via a card payment reversal (credit or debit card payments) or by direct bank deposit (all other payment types) to the originating account. Following cancellation your licence key will be revoked and LADR will cease to function.

If the user requests a refund during a multi-year subscription, the user will only be refunded for those years following the end of the current subscription period.

Security and Privacy

The full Norris Scientific Privacy Statement can be read here.