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GeoStar Registration — For RESOlution Instruments

The online form below will allow you to register your copy of GeoStar for use on your RESOlution instrument. Before you begin, please note the following points:

• Instrument registration via this online form is only for RESOlution instruments already installed. If you require a GeoStar registration key for any other purpose please contact us for assistance.

• The instrument serial number is marked on the compliance plate on the side of the instrument.
That serial number needs to match the import, purchase, and shipping documentation. If not, please contact the company that supplied the instrument and resolve the discrepancy before you proceed.

• The serial number marked on the instrument must also match the Machine ID configured in GeoStar. If not then you need to change the Machine ID used by GeoStar before you proceed. Documentation for how to change the Machine ID is available here.

• If you have multiple RESOlution instruments in your laboratory then this online form will need to be completed separately to register each one.

• If you have already registered your RESOlution instrument and require a new registration key due to a PC hardware change then log in to your account and look for the "GeoStar" menu item.

• If you wish to update GeoStar then please register your instrument here, then log in and download the latest version via the "GeoStar" menu item.

User Information

RESOlution Instrument Details
Serial Number*:
  The serial number must match both the value in GeoStar and the serial number printed on the instrument. Double-check that the serial number entered here matches that in GeoStar. If not then the registration process will not succeed!
Year of Manufacture*:
  Printed on the instrument compliance plate along with the serial number.
  Chosen by you, the location is a short, often abbreviated, description of the location of this instrument.
Laboratory Website:
Laser Source*:
Ablation Cell*:
Cell Number:
  The cell number is printed directly on the cell, often on the door. In some rare cases the cell is not numbered.
GeoStar Details
GeoStar Version*:
Machine Key*:
  The machine key should match what is reported in the registration window in GeoStar. If you have an old version that does not show the registration window, ensure that you enter your version number correctly and the machine key requirement will be waived if the version is valid.
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  Clicking "Register GeoStar" will create an account here on the norsci.com website if you do not already have one.
The user account will give you access to GeoStar downloads, updates, and support.
Your registration key for GeoStar will also be generated and sent to you by email immediately.