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GeoStar Remote

GeoStar Remote is a standalone monitoring and display solution that integrates seamlessly with one, or more, laser ablation instruments running GeoStar.

The software will show ablation progress, live video, operating conditions, screen sharing from the ICP-MS, and much more.

Able to connect to multiple instruments, and show information using multiple layouts, the software can:

  • Quickly show instrument operation from a remote location, such as an office or second laboratory.
  • Provide a central "command center" style overview showing information from multiple instruments.
  • Show information about instrument operation in a public space: fantastic for outreach!
  • Allow users to check instrument operation without entering the laboratory space.

Operating Requirements

To use the GeoStar Remote software you will need:

  • Any ICP–MS instrument.
  • Laser ablation instrument running GeoStar from Norris Scientific, at v10.00 or later.
  • A TCP/IP laboratory network joining the two computers.


The GeoStar Remote software is developed and supported by Norris Scientific.

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