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Welcome to Norris Scientific

NewsWe have launched application support plans for laser ablation ICP–MS applications. This can include training and support on a wide range of applications, so get in touch to see how we can help you. (Jan 2024)

NewAnnouncing the launch of a new partnership with Leonid at Friendly Solutions, the crystallization modelling software Petrolog is now available for sale from Norris Scientific. (Jan 2024)

News We are very excited to be supporting the EWLA meeting this year. We look forward to seeing many of our customers and collaborators in Ghent, Belgium. (Jan 2024)

NewsThe US company CVI has supplied most of the optics used in RESOlution laser ablation instruments. In December 2023 they have changed how they sell their optics, and have taken their online catalogue offline. There are also changes to their production runs, and purchasing a single element is no longer as straight forward as it once once. To find out if you can make your purchase, email their sales team (contact details on their laser optics page) and see what they say. We are doing all we can to get parts to users, please shoot us an email to see if we can help. (Dec 2023)

NewsA very warm welcome to those attending Goldschmidt 2023 in Lyon, France. Norris Scientific is proud to be sponsoring session 6lO1 and we are looking forward to seeing many of our customers, colleagues, and collaborators there! (July 2023)

NewsAn interesting article from SPIE about noble gas production, which may be of interest to our many excimer laser users. (May 2023)

NewsThe LADR data reduction software now has imaging support. If you do a lot of imaging and would like to try out the latest version please contact us to receive a preview of the latest build. (April 2023)

NewsOur premium support plans for laser ablation have been a resounding success. If you run a laser ablation lab using RESOlution instruments then we suggest you take a look at how we can help you. (April 2023)

NewsWe are proud to be supporting the North American Laser Ablation Workshop at Notre Dame. We look forward to seeing many of our customers and collaborators at this meeting in June! (Feb 2023)

NewsFor those running Thermo iCAP mass spectrometers, we have launched a new Qtegra LabBook Extraction Tool. Anyone can upload a LabBook file (*.imexp) and download MS data in CSV format, even if the file was damaged, corrupted, or truncated. (25th Jul 2022)

News We are very excited to be supporting the EWLA meeting in Bern this week. Come by our booth for a chat about LADR imaging, our new QuadLock alignment device, or fast washout system for the S155 ablation cell. (11th Jul 2022)

NewsNorris Scientific have migrated to a new web server. As a result there may be some disruption to the site and our licence servers may also experience some intermitent outages over the next 1-2 days. (19th Jan 2022)

NewsThe latest LADR (v1.1.07) version has just been released. (Nov 2021)

NewsGeoStar v10.12 has been released and is available for GeoStar users, login to download. (Nov 2021)

NewWe are pleased to announce our new premium support plans for RESOlution and GeoStar users. (Nov 2021)

NewsWelcome to everyone who is attending the International Short Course on Application of Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry to Earth Sciences. You can find your LADR information and downloads here and we will see you at the workshop! (Sep 2021)

NewsOur latest paper in JAAS is now out! In this work we introduce our brand new fire control device for Aligned LA-ICP-MS. By aligning the laser to the measurement cycle of the quadrupole it is possible to eliminate aliasing noise and realise the full potential of fast response ablation cells. We are in the process of commercialising this device, please contact us (an@norsci.com) if you would like more information, and watch this space! (Feb 2021)

NewsFantastic to see this promotional video from the FIERCE lab in Frankfurt. Particularly neat to see the GeoStar laser control software and LADR data reduction software on show.(Feb 2021)

NewsThe latest LADR (v1.1.06) version has just been released. (Jan 2021)

NewsThe next LADR (v1.1.04) version has just been released. As well as bug fixes and refinements, this version includes support for more data file formats (Thermo TQ and Perkin Elmer NetCDF) as well as integration with laser ablation system laser log files, such as GeoStar CSV and Verbose LOG files. (April 2020)

NewsA new LADR version (v1.1.03) is out today. This update includes a number of bug fixes, adds support for new data file formats, and has some nice usability improvements such as being able to open files while they are locked by Excel. (February 2020)

NewsGeoStar v10.08 includes the updated software manual and is available for GeoStar users, login to download. (January 2020)

NewsHappy New Year from Norris Scientific! (January 2020)

NewsThank you to Leonid for presenting, and to all of our LADR workshop attendees, who got together at the Tang3o meeting in Hobart this week. (November 2019)

NewsWe are proud to announce the launch of global mirrors to best serve our customers located around the world. Servers in Hong Kong and London are now available as mirrors of this site, and can be used for faster software downloads. To use LADR with the new licence servers, please download the new release LADR v1.1.02. (November 2019)

NewsA new application note titled "End-to-End Integration of Laser Ablation, ICP–MS, and Data Reduction: A World First!" has been released. (November 2019)

NewsLADR v1.1.01 is now available for download. (November 2019)

NewsGeoStar v10.06 is available for GeoStar users, login to download. (November 2019)

NewsLADR v1.0.10 is now available for download. (July 2019)

NewsLADR v1.0.09 is now available for download. (July 2019)

NewsNorris Scientific proudly sponsors the NAWLA 2019 laser ablation workshop in Austin Texas. (May 2019)

NewsNorris Scientific is pleased to announce the first global release of LADR, a software package for data reduction of LA–ICP–MS data sets. (May 2019)