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Norris Scientific Trademark Statement

Norris Scientific designs and sells a number of services and products that are either owned by us, or exclusively licenced to us. The following trademarks are owned by Norris Scientific and can not be used commercially without our written permission: GeoStar, GeoStarQT, GeoStar Remote, GeoStarTIMA, Fast Funnel, QuadLock, TempMon, LumiDUO, LADR, LabMan, Premium Support Plan.

Because many Norris Scientific products integrate with software and instruments made by other companies, it is sometimes necessary for us to use trademarks owned by those companies in a solely descriptive manner. Such use is permitted under trade mark law, is always brief and descriptive, and Norris Scientific never makes any claim that we have any permission to represent those companies in any way. If there is any concern about how we use trademarks owned by other companies, please contact us right away so your concerns can be addressed.

Some of those trademarks and how they relate to our own products, are listed below for convenience. This list may not be complete. To be perfectly clear Norris Scientific makes no claim to represent these marks or their owners in any way, beyond us saying that "our products may be compatible with them".

RESOlution Graphical Elements

Over the years Norris Scientific has created many graphical elements for use by the RESOlution product line of instruments. As an independent company, and not bound by any contract stating otherwise, ownership of this IP resides with Norris Scientific. In 2014 we created new graphical design elements to promote the RESOlution product line, and would like to thank Rebecca Thomason (Memphis, USA) for her suggestions and improvements to the design. A royalty-free non-exclusive licence to use these graphics was granted to ASI in 2014 and they have been used by ASI, and then Applied Spectra, ever since. As owners of the copyright we may choose from time to time to use these graphics in our promotional literature, but we make no claim to block or limit Applied Spectra from using them in any way. That just wouldn't be cricket.

Norris Scientific © 2014

Norris Scientific © 2014