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Dr Ashley Norris
Director and Global Sales
Ashley is the founder and director of Norris Scientific. He completed a BSc in physics at the ANU, and a DPhil in planetary chemistry at the University of Oxford. He has worked as a freelance programmer for over twenty years, and established Norris Scientific in 2019 to combine his passion for exciting research and development with cutting edge software and hardware.
He enjoys "making the computer do the work".
Phone: +61 481 481 970 or +44 1865 989 365
Mr Nicholas West
Electronics Technician
Nicholas designs and builds electronics for Norris Scientific projects. He has almost three decades of electronics experience, and has designed circuits for research labs, automotive applications, veterinary monitoring, as well as education and outreach.


Michael Shelley
Laurin Technic
Michael Shelley has been developing laser ablation cells for LA-ICP-MS for over thirty years and his S155 sample cell is widely regarded as one of the best for laser ablation analysis within the earth sciences.
Leonid Danyushevsky is a consultant at Friendly Solutions. Previously he was a professor in the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Tasmania where his research focused on magma generating processes within the Earth and their evolution during ascent to the surface, as well as developing micro-analytical techniques for analysis of trace elements in minerals and rocks.
Nick Binos is an engineer who specialises in the design of high precision machinery.